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Web Catalog Builder v3.0a
Windows 95, Windows NT
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WEB Catalog Builder provides powerful inventory functions that allow you to easily organize any kind of structured data. HTML Wizard PRO part of the WEB Catalog Builder allows you to quickly create WEB catalogs, stores, tables, directories or HTML reports.
Program supports all data field types (plain text, numbers, dates, graphics, ...). There are 24 customizable data fields: edit boxes, list boxes, graphical fields, numerical fields, date fields, and file maintenance fields.

Easy-To-Use and Fast : Beginners as well as advanced users can use WEB Catalog Builder. Computer users with basic HTML and database knowledge can organize their data and create HTML pages within several minutes.
Powerful : Provides flexible Database Maintenance and HTML formatting functions that can satisfy advanced computer users. Brings together the powerful and flexible data inventory features that make it not only fun to use, but also increase your productivity and reduce time spent cataloging your data.
Formatting : Creates Web Pages in plain or tabular form. Creates one page catalogs or grouped catalogs split into separate pages. A powerful set of HTML formatting functions let you easily create quality, professionally looking catalogs, web pages, inventory reports with color, graphics, hyperlinks and different fonts. If you have already templates for your Web documents, WEB Catalog Builder will accept them as templates.
Images : You can enter graphic from a file (GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, BMP), capture graphic from a screen, or enter graphic from any TWAIN compliant image capturing device (scanners, digital cameras, ...). Using the right mouse button click on the graphic field and select the Load, Screen Capture, or Scan command.

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Download free, fully functional demo(shareware) version : Web Catalog Builder 3.0MB, Windows 95/NT

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