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Auto-FTP Premium

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Servers

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Software reviewers and users give our product the highest rating.
PC World Online PC World Online, Editor's Pick.
"Auto FTP allows you to set auto-recurring transfers for future file transfer; automatically initiate file upload/download, then disconnect when transfer is complete; upload/download from a variety of different directories; abort file transfer if connection is too slow; and more. "
SoftSeeker Online SoftSeeker Online, Editor's Pick: Auto FTP Premium
"We sincerely congratulate you for the excellent job that you have done and want to recognize your achievement by awarding you with our Editor#s pick gallardon: our highest recognition."
PC Magazine Online PC Magazine Online: 100 Webmaster Tools / 100 Tools for the Weekend Webmaster
Auto FTP Premium: "Don't settle for the cookie-cutter Web pages you get from the "home page builders" offered by ISPs and free hosting services. With a little effort and the right tools, you can create your own site with style. We've put together a collection of top-rated downloads to get you started. "
Rated 5 star at gave AutoFTP Premium the highest rating! 5/5 stars.

PaulPicks.COM gave AutoFTP Premium the highest rating! 5/5 stars.

Installation went smooth on two of our test computers and we have found no adware, backdors or viruses in the installation kit. After reviewing AutoFTP Professional 4.8 we have found it to be EXCELLENT and we would like to congratulate you for the quality of your product. We have decided to list AutoFTP Professional 4.8 on our website and to grant an award certifying the quality of this software product.
.... We are currently evaluating FTP clients, and so far your software has impressed us. We have had bad luck, even with programs such as FTP Voyager and CuteFTP Professional, as well as many, many others. Each software client seems to be lacking in at least one area, such as it's ability to synchronize, it's scheduling agent, it's ability to log transactions, and the list goes on and on. .. read more comments
FTP Software, Comments:
ftp software support "...your company has one of the best customer support service that I have found on the net.." Comments

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