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Browsing remote system

Before you can browse a remote system you have to be connected to the Internet and then you have to log in onto the remote system. You can do both in one Connect operation by clicking on the Connect button. You can select a remote site from a drop-down list or you can add a new site.


In order to browse a remote system you use the two bottom panels (Remote System) in the main window. The panels work like Windows File Explorer: the bottom left panel shows you the file folders on the remote system and the bottom right panel shows the files in the currently selected folder.


You can do the following operations on the remote files:

  • Browse file folders by expanding (clicking on the + branches) the folder tree on the left panel.
  • To rename the selected file(s), click on the Rename button .
  • To delete the selected file(s), click on the Delete button .
  • To create a new file folder, click Create New Folder button .
  • To refresh a remote folder listing, click Refresh button .
  • To memorize a remote folder name, click Memorize File Folder button .
  • To stop current ftp operation, click Stop button .
  • To move one level up in folder tree, click One Level Up button .
  • To download file(s) (transfer from remote to local computer), click Download button , use drag-and-drop feature, or click with the right mouse button on the file and select download command from the popup menu.

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