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Connecting to the Internet

Before you start using AutoFTP you should have a working Internet connection (direct connection, dial-up connection). See Windows help or Microsoft home page for more information.


In order to connect to a remote site first you have to connect to the Internet. You can do it in four ways:

  1. You can use the direct connection with the Internet (LAN, ADSL, or Cable modem).
  2. You can use your Dial-Up Connection (you probably have a shortcut in the Dial-up folder) to dial and connect to the Internet; or
  3. You can let PrimaSoft AutoFTP dial, connect to the Internet automatically on startup (see Preferences); or
  4. You can let PrimaSoft AutoFTP dial, connect to the Internet, and log in into the remote system all in one step by clicking on the Connect button .

If you have chosen 1, 2 or 3. you will have to click on the Connect button in order to log in into the remote system.

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