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New features

March, 2004; AutoFTP Service v4.1:

  • Loading a log file doesn't use all processor power anymore. New Load Log on Startup option in File/Preferences (useful when you have a very large log file).
  • New Short Log option in File/Preferences (useful when you have frequent file transfers and don't want your log files to become huge). When checked mostly errors are logged.
  • New Load function in Log window allows you to load log files from different days.
  • New Stop function in Log window is useful when you are loading a large log file and you want to abort this process.
  • Monthly Transfers now support a range: From and To options (Schedule Item Window).
  • Improved wildcards option. When you use wildcards you can now change the names of the transferred files. For example, if you are uploading *.htm files and set the remote file name to 123*.htm all files will get 123 prefix, or if you are downloading *.htm files and set the local file name to *.html all downloaded files will get html extension. Transfer Item.
  • New Special Actions: Rename File and Rename Folder special actions.

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