Network installation of a 16-bit Organizer version

  1. Program Installation

On your network server run Setup.exe from disk #1, CD ROM, or your hard disk (if you downloaded and unzipped the software) and follow the installation instructions. As a result all components will be installed on the server and icons will be created.

If your network server is not running Windows 3.x or Windows 95 you should install Organizer software on a workstation (running Windows 3.x or 95) first. Then copy, from the workstation to the server, the following:

  1. Setup of Borland Database Engine
  2. On the machine on which you ran Setup.exe start Notepad and load WIN.INI file from Windows directory. Now, locate the following sections:


    [Borland Language Drivers]

    Copy the above 2 sections to a new file e.g. Borland.ini and change all drive letters to the network drive letter on which all workstations will access BDE. Also, if BDE is not installed into the default directory you may want to modify the directories to reflect the new BDE location. For example, if your network drive is accessed as F: change all 3 occurrences from C: to F:.

     After making the above changes save the new file and exit from Notepad. Copy the created Borland.ini file to a diskette or to the network server where it can be accessed from all workstations.  

    On every workstation start Notepad and open WIN.INI file in Windows directory. Also, start another instance of Notepad and open created earlier Borland.ini file. Copy the contents of entire Borland.ini file to Clipboard and Paste it at the end of Win.ini file. Now, save the Win.ini file. Finally, open your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file and add the location of BDE directory to the PATH statement, for example:

    PATH=C:\DOS;C:\WINDOWS;F:\IDAPI. Save the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and restart the workstation.

  3. Create Organizer Icons on workstations

On every workstation, create a program group and icons to access Organizer software. In most cases you will only need one icon that links to the main EXE file (residing on the network server).


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