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Buried Treasures of the Great Plains: Legends of Lost Immigrant Caches, Abandoned Payroll Coins, and Stagecoach Robbery Loot-From North Dakota to Texas (Buried Treasures Series/W.C. Jameson)

Jameson, W. C.

August House Pub
Published: October 1998
ISBN: 0874834864

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Book Description
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Kansas
The Choteau's Island Mystery
The Dalton Gang Loot
The Nemaha River Cache
The Spaniards' Forgotten Hoard
The Boarding House Treasure
Bill Doolin's Outlaw Gold
The Fate of the Chavez Gold
III. Nebraska
Spanish Gold at Plattsmouth
A Boy and His Train Robbery Loot
Scottsbluff Treasure Inn
The Lost $125,000 Army Payroll
IV. North Dakota
Missouri River Gold Cache
A Dreamer's Unlucky Fate
Treasure in the Well
Mysterious Chest of Gold Coins
V. Oklahoma
An Oklahoma Outlaw Stash
Buried Army Payroll at Fort Sill
The Hidden Mexican Gold Ingots
Cimarron County Gold Cache
VI. South Dakota
The Monitor's Stolen Fortune
The Central City Gold Shipment
A Hefty Gold Bar Robbery
VII. Texas
Sand Dunes Treasure
Incan Treasure on Salt Folk
The Rifle Pits
Lost Texas Ranger Treasure
Shafter Lake's Wagonloads of Gold
Selected References

From Library Journal
Jameson, a professional treasure hunter, teacher, and editor, continues his "Buried Treasure" series, which now numbers over a dozen titles. Each book begins with a brief introduction to the area, including the source of treasure. In the case of Buried Treasures of the Great Plains, the source is not piracy but returning gold miners who buried their wealth whenever they expected danger on the road. The stories all bear the same key elements: a short explanation of how the gold was earned or... read more

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