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Modern Cryptography: Theory and Practice

Mao, Wenbo

Prentice Hall PTR
Published: July 25, 2003
ISBN: 0130669431

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Book Description
From Book News, Inc.
Offers alternative cryptographic algorithms, schemes, and protocols that go beyond the standard direct encryption of a password under a basic public key encryption algorithm commonly used for network security. Mao (Hewlitt-Packard) describes the attacking tricks used by hackers and suggests prevention measures that employ symmetric encryption schemes, asymmetric techniques, data integrity techniques, authentication protocol systems, and zero-knowledge protocols. The mathematical theorems and algorithms relevant to the theoretical foundations of cryptography are also reviewed.Copyright 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

From the Back Cover

"This book would be a good addition to any cryptographer's bookshelf. The book is self-contained; it presents all the background material to understand an algorithm and all the development to prove its security. I'm not aware of another book that's as complete as this one."

--Christian Paquin, Cryptographic/Security Developer, Silanis Technology Inc. "The book is both complete, and extraordinarily technically accurate. It would certainly be a useful addition to any cryptographer's or crypto-engineer's library."

--Marcus Leech, Advisor, Security Architecture and Planning, Nortel Networks Build more secure crypto systems--and prove their trustworthiness Modern Cryptography is the indispensable resource for every technical professional who needs to implement strong security in real-world applications.

Leading HP security expert Wenbo Mao explains why "textbook" crypto schemes, protocols, and systems are profoundly vulnerable by revealing real-world-scenario attacks. Next, he shows how to realize cryptographic systems and protocols that are truly "fit for application"--and formally demonstrates their fitness. Mao presents practical examples throughout and provides all the mathematical background you'll need.

Coverage includes:

Crypto foundations: probability, information theory, computational complexity, number theory, algebraic techniques, and more
Authentication: basic techniques and principles vs. misconceptions and consequential attacks
Evaluating real-world protocol standards including IPSec, IKE, SSH, TLS (SSL), and Kerberos Designing stronger counterparts to vulnerable "textbook" crypto schemes

Mao introduces formal and reductionist methodologies to prove the "fit-for-application" security of practical encryption, signature, signcryption, and authentication schemes. He gives detailed explanations for zero-knowledge protocols: definition, zero-knowledge properties, equatability vs. simulatability, argument vs. proof, round-efficiency, and non-interactive versions.

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