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Red Hat Linux Firewalls

McCarty, Bill
McCarty, Bill

Red Hat
Published: November 15, 2002
ISBN: 0764524631

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Book Description
"...excellent coverage of core firewaaling issues...a useful complete guide..." (Linux User, March 2003) "...excellent coverage of core firewaaling issues...a useful complete guide..." (Linux User, March 2003)

Product Description:
* Everything readers need to construct firewalls that protect computer networks from attacks and intrusions
* Covers the migration from ipchains and how to mange iptable log files
* Reviews the customization of firewalls, the Red Hat firewall tool, the firewall setup, and advanced firewall features
* Includes numerous examples of firewalls and firewall administration techniques that work on Red Hat Linux systems
* Explains how to cost-justify, implement, test, and operate packet filtering firewalls constructed using Red Hat Linux
Linux Solutions from the Experts at Red Hat
Red Hat-the world's leading Linux company-presents a series of unrivaled guides that are reviewed and approved by the experts at Red Hat. Each book is packed with invaluable tips and techniques that are ideal for everyone from beginning to advanced network and systems professionals, as well as home and small businesses.

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