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Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure on the Internet

Schmeh, Klaus

John Wiley & Sons
Published: June 6, 2003
ISBN: 047084745X

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Book Description
Book Info
English translation of the German original, Krytografie und Publik-Key-Infrastrukturen im Internet, c2001. Guide to protecting network vulnerabilities from hack attacks. Provides a thorough overview of the subject, explains how susceptible networks are to hacking, and how cryptography can help. For all levels of users. Softcover.

Product Description:
Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure on the Internet provides a thorough overview of the subject. It explains how susceptible networks are to hacking and how cryptography can help. This comprehensive and practical guide covers:

Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs); important when using cryptography in a large organisation,

the difference between the SSL protocol and the IPSec standard,

integration of cryptography into the different OSI-layers, and how to decide whether hardware or software solutions are the right means to achieve this.

The book also includes sections on::



elliptic curve cryptography

chip cards

algorithm modes and protocols - including SSL, TLS, IPSec, SMIME and PGP protocols

cryptography's connection with biometry (using biological characteristics for authentication purposes).

Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure on the Internet is an indispensable guide for all levels of reader. It contains valuable reference material about statutes and standards affecting encryption, which companies are active in the market, and a reference guide to people, organisations, books and websites to go to for further information.

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