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This topic explains:

  • How to check-in item from maintenance
  • How to enter transaction data

Check In Item, Enter Maintenance Transaction

Items are back from maintenance or repair. In this case you record maintenace and process check in transactions.

maintenance check in transaction

Scan equipment barcode number or select it from the list box. When item is selected the maintenance transaction window is opened. Enter the maintenance information (maintenance result, summary, cost, status, and more).

maintenance transaction, enter details

Enter maintenance details (maintenance result, summary, cost, status, and more).

Click Ok-Process: transaction is saved and item is checked in.

Click Ok. Transaction is saved, you return to check in window, you can do additional changes in the maintenance entry (click the Maintenance tab).

Click FAILED if the equipment did not pass maintenance inspection. If you are using the system to check equipment in and out to employees, the program will not allow loans of equipment with failed status.

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