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Miniatures and Figurines

Christian Ulbricht

Christian Ulbricht's web site showcases the complete line of handmade wooden collectibles made in Germany by the Christian Ulbricht company. The most popular collectibles made by Christian Ulbricht our limited edition nutcrackers. This site also features the Ulbricht family history, Christian Ulbricht's schedule for visiting shops in the United States, information regarding our Collectors' Club and much more.


As with our historic miniatures so it will be with our Website - the quality difference is in the details! Much forethought has gone into the design of this site in order to bring to our collectors, reps, dealers, and customers the kind of information and functionality you would expect from us. Elegance, simplicity, and customer satisfaction are the underpinnings of our philosophy.

The Laurenz Collection

WWW.LAURENZ.COM is the fully interactive vehicle to experience the entire Laurenz Collection. Our online catalog includes all of the sculptures available in the USA created by renowned Italian artist, Enzo Arzenton. Look at over 80 sculpt ures between the Laurenz Classic Collection, and the highly acclaimed Laurenz Collection of Disney Character Sculptures.

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