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Vintage movie and advertising posters

Vintage movie and advertising posters from the turn of the century to the 70,s.All posters are in good conditions,restored and on-linen.More details about artists,sizes and pubblication years are available in my web page.

CINEMAGIC - Classic Movie Posters

CINEMAGIC owners, Herb & Roberta Ross, buy and sell original movie posters and lobby cards from the 1930's - early 1980's We take pride in offering quality material, fair prices, and prompt and courteous service. We also carry poster frames, lobby card portfolios, and price guides for the collector. Our website has our complete catalog of over 1,500 items and the photo gallery.

The Realist Wonder Society

The Realist Wonder Society is a whistle-stop of imagination between way stations of reality. Read enchanting fairy tales by George MacDonald and Lord Dunsany; browse on-line galleries with Maxfield Parrish and Winsor McCay; preview original screenplays for animated films and television series; and settle into "The Mole and the Owl," a romantic fable about daring the wide world for love. The Realist Wonder Society is dedicated to spreading the word about great fabulists, whether writers or artists, and follows Proust's advice, "If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time."

The Internet Movie Database

The IMDb is a huge, well organized database of movie information covering over 60,000 movies from the earliest experiments in cinema through to the latest releases. The database includes reviews, filmographies, quotes, trivia, plot summaries, extensive links to other movie sites and virtually every class of movie information imaginable. This is the oldest and most respected movie site on the Internet.

The Movie Sounds Page

The Movie Sounds Page is the most complete resource for finding sound samples from movies. Download sound clips from over 50 diferent movies, with links to dozens more. There are also links to download sound players and converters for all platforms, plus a weekly "Mystery Sound" contest. Come see what Premeire Magazine called the best movie sounds site on the net.


Walt Disney World brings you previews of coming attractions. Quicktime movies, with sound for several of Disney's current releases.

Reel Canadian Movie Critic

Luc-Rock Paquin (The Reel Canadian Movie Critic) rates and reviews movies a Canadian perspective. You can also subscribe to a mailing list.


Release dates, plot synopses, and reviews.

Coming Attractions

The premier source for movie projects that are in the various stages of production and development. As my site doesn't currently cover many of these films, Corona is an excellent supplement to my site.


Film.com was founded in 1994 as the independent voice of film criticism on the Internet. Film.com's mission is to provide an unprecedented collection of material on film for a world-wide audience, offering breadth and depth, and bringing together critics, writers, and movie buffs everywhere.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A database of more than 200,000 titles

The IMDb is the ultimate online movie database covering over 200,000 titles and 500,000 people with facts, trivia, reviews and multimedia links from the earliest films to the latest releases.


Upcomingmovies.com provides previews of movies on their way to theaters near you. These previews consist of cast and plot information, release dates, and preview commentary on what the movie might be like.


On-line video store - Movies for Sale - Videos for Sale - DVDs for sale - 100,000+ Movies and 2,500+ DVDs


In theaters, on video, on tv, news,...

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