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Mythopoeia MYTHOPOEIA ON THE NET Across the frontier, in the uncharted territories of the Net, a strange new world can be discovered. It is called Mythopoeia, a place both ancient and ultra-modern, and it will enthrall lovers of both art and technology. Mapped out through the lens of photographer Suza Scalora, this unique web environment is an interactive art book whose photographs serve as windows to another reality, a place where creatures once invisible are finally revealed. The four chapters, The Holy, The Damned, Immortals and Fables, are gateways to four provinces which cross the borders of our imagination. "There is a movement towards art work which expresses visions unencumbered by complex and ever-changing social agendas," says Scalora, "art work whose primary objective is beauty in its most liberated and imaginative form. Mythopoeia is part of this movement." Scalora worked for several years as a fashion photographer, cultivating a craft sophisticated in both color and composition. As her artistic vision evolved, she turned her focus towards body painting images. These two diverse interests have merged to create Scalora's unique style, and her latest body of work is the result of that union.

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