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     Simple address/contact book : download, try, or buy

Organizer Deluxe, Pro users
FREE download instructions:

  • start Organizer Deluxe
  • click Download Free Database Templates menu command

  • Select Simple address/contact book (1234) in the List Of Available Templates (1)
  • Verify the number.
  • Click Select (2).

  • Template is downloaded and installed.
  • Click Load Database menu command.

  • The database name is composed of the template number 1234 and 3-5 letters (1).
  • Click Edit to edit the name (2).
  • Click Load (3) to open the database.

Not Yet Organizer Deluxe User
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  • Over 200 database templates ready to use from our solution center.
  • FREE! Send us your spreadsheet file we will create a template and transfer your data (*)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
(*) only spreadsheets that have less than 20 columns

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