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free Asset Organizer Basic database, organize your possessions, insurance records

Free Asset Organizer Basic (1013) Database Template

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Asset Organizer (basic) software solution overview:
Use this template to track your business fixed assets. You can enter the following information about your assets: item name, entry date, asset identification or serial number, asset tag number, category, location, department, assigned to person name (asset custodian), asset condition, status, dates (date in service, last inventoried, purchase date, last evaluation date, disposal date,..), asset details, notes, manufacturer, model name, model number, vendor, maintenance information, picture, and more.

Asset software solution features:
  • can be used to track any kind of assets (IT assets, valuable equipment, tools, machinery, devices, any items)
  • quickly and efficiently track and control all fixed assets
  • retrieve detailed information about each item (example: location, custodian, condition, current value, ...)
  • quick sort, search and printing
  • customized views
  • print reports: asset list by location, by user, by asset type, ...
  • create asset catalog (print or web form)
  • enter virtually unlimited number of assets for any company
  • group items by type, status, category,...
  • generate and print bar code labels for items
  • ability to store and view asset images
  • data import and export

Database Fields Included :

Database and Software Screenshots :
asset tracker software solution

asset database

asset inventory database

asset database

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