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Calendar 1 database templates for Organizer Deluxe and Pro users

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Template: Calendar 1 (1025)
Template Number: 1025
Number of data fields: Database Level:

Calendar - 1, software solution overview:
Calendar is implemented into our database management system. It gives you flexibility you need to process your data. Our software template gives you an easy way to: plan your day, plan your work, run small office, enter booking info., plan meeting, create agenda,... This template contains the following data fields: day short form, day long form, hour table, todo table, notes, detail fields,#

Calendar 1 software solution features:
  • easily and quickly manage your daily items
  • ready to use hour and to table
  • define customized views
  • quickly print all or individual activities
  • user-defined fields for maintaining any additional information

  • Database Fields Included :

    Database and Software Screenshots :
    day info, hours table

    calendar organizer, to do table
    to do table

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