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Email List Manager 1 database template for Organizer Deluxe and Pro users

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Email List Manager 1

Template Number: 1200
Provided: PrimaSoft PC
Platform: Windows
Difficulty: Simple

Three easy ways to download/try Email List Manager 1 template:

1. This template if free for Organizer Deluxe or Organizer Pro registered users.
  • Start Organizer Deluxe or Organizer Pro software.
  • Click Update/Download Template main menu command.
  • Select Email List Manager 1 1200 in the List Of Available Templates box.
  • Verify the template number: 1200
  • Click Select button.
  • Click OK in the Confirm window.
  • Template is downloaded and installed.
  • To test the template click File/Load menu command. Select the database name in the Available Databases box. The database name is composed of the template number 1200 and 3 letters.
  • NOTE: if you have problems with this procedure (your computer/internet setup does not allow our program to download and install the template): try optional method number 3.
2. Unregistered users (you did not purchase our Organizer Deluxe or Organizer Pro)
3. Optional method; if you are not able to use our built-in Download Template feature
  • Click Download:Email List Manager 1 to download the template file.
  • Unzip the database template file into a temporary directory e.g. C:\TEMP
  • Start Designer program
  • Click on Import Database push button in the Designer Main Window
  • Go to the database template file directory e.g. C:\TEMP
  • Select data file. (data.dbf or data_#.dbf, # could be a number: 1, 2, 4, ...)
  • Click on the Open push button
  • Enter the new Name for the imported database in the Create New Database window
  • Click on Exit push button in the Designer Main Window
  • Start Organizer Deluxe program
  • Press on the Load push button or click Load Database on the File menu
  • Select the database and click on the Load push button in the Load Database window

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