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free Garage Sale Inventory 1 database, yard sale inventory manager

Free Garage Sale Inventory 1 (1194) Database Template

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Garage Sale Inventory 1 database software solution:
Ready-to-use, simple database template for tracking garage sale item. Use this software template to track and organize all your garage sale item.

Garage Sale Inventory 1 database features:
  • easily enter garage sale item records
  • print garage sale item reports
  • print item price list
  • print labels, price labels
  • search garage sale item database by any data field
  • easily process your data: sort, filter, view, delete, modify
  • enter garage sale item images
  • unlimited number of records and garage sale item databases
  • export/import garage sale item data from/to text, excel, and other files
  • customize Garage Sale Inventory 1 template by adding your data fields

Database Fields Included:

Database and Software Screenshots :
garage sale manager, database template 1

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