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Address, Contact : personal, business address management solutions

Business/Productivity : business information managers, business productivity tools

Business/Tax : track and manage your business write-offs data, tax data

Calendars : organize your to do, planner, calendar information

Cataloging : track, manage, catalog Cataloging information

Club Management : track, manage, catalog Club Management information

Coach Managers, Sport : track, manage, catalog Coach Managers, Sport information

Contact Managers : track and manage your personal and business contact

Customer Relationship Managers : track, manage, catalog Customer Relationship Managers information

Dictionary, Terminology : build simple electronic dictionaries and terminology books

Directory Management : manage, organize Directories, database for Windows

Document Management : track, manage, catalog Document Management information

Equipment/Hardware Tracking : track, manage, catalog Equipment/Hardware Tracking information

Event, Agenda : basic event and agenda data managers

Exhibition Management : track, manage, catalog Exhibition Management information

Expenses Management : track, manage, catalog Expenses Management information

Help Desk Solutions : help desk databases

Hobby, Collecting : track, manage, catalog your collections (books, stamps, coins, antiques,..)

Information Management : track, manage, catalog Information Management information

Internet/Web Data : track, manage, catalog Internet/Web Data information

Inventory : inventory management system for PC users

Invoice, Bill : small business invoice billing databases

Invoicing, Billing : track, manage, catalog Invoicing, Billing information

Membership : simple member management databases

Multimedia : track and manage multimedia files

Notes Management : track, manage, catalog Notes Management information

Personal Finance : track, manage, catalog Personal Finance information

Personal Information Managers : many personal information managers for business or private use

PIM Home : track, manage, catalog PIM Home information

Pledge, Donation Management : manage, organize Pledge/Donations, database for Windows

Productivity Education : track, manage, catalog Productivity Education information

Project Management : track, manage, catalog Project information

Purchasing : track, manage, catalog po information

Security : simple database tools, password managers, visitor trackers,..

ToDo Lists : track, manage, catalog ToDo Lists information

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new database templates:

March, 2016
Cat exhibition/show, registration : simple cat show registration database

1000 Barcode Numbers, Library : ready to use 1000 records to print barcode labels

Boat trip log, departure time - arrival time : boat trip log, enter departure/arrival time, distance, and details

Arm, Gun Collector : Arm, Gun Collector

Volunteer Track Hours : simple Volunteer track hours database

Book Inventory Simple : Book Inventory Simple

Artist work inventory : Artist work inventory

Aircraft Model Collectors : simple aircraft model inventory database

Wine inventory detailed : Wine inventory detailed

Music simple catalog : Music simple catalog

Antique dealer simple : Antique dealer simple

Car collection database : Car collection database

Simple address/contact book : Simple address/contact book

Project cost management : Project cost management

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