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Asset Organizer Deluxe

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comment about software: "I absolutely love to use my Inventory Organizer Deluxe program. The program database templates cover al of my needs without having to pay extra money for add on programs. Thank you for your excellent free templates. I like being able to have all of my data information contained in one program not many programs. You people are geniuses! Not that you care, but I want you to know that I am an experienced software user, and teacher (over twenty years of experience). I know a good program quickly when I test it. Your program deserves a high grade because it is simply the best program on the market, so far."
comment about software: "I am impressed with your inventory program. I have been looking at various shareware and commercial home inventory programs for a couple of months trying to decide which to use. With the exception of the higher end business inventory programs your stands head and shoulders above the others. I'm anxious to get my registered copy...... Over all, you appear to have smoked your competition. An excellent program at a very fair price."

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