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Catalog Organizer Deluxe

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" I just have to tell you! This program is FANTASTIC! I've searched for a long time to find a program capable of setting up a craft pattern catalog (painting, knitting, crochet, counted cross stitch, etc.). It needed to including a picture, whether it is located in a magazine, pattern book or in struction packet, what medium it is, title, artist, subject matter, etc. and with your program, I can do it. You need to market this to crafters. You'd make a mint!!! "

" I would like to mention that your oganizer is the best of which I have seen on the market. The user friendliness, and workable fields makes it worth it's price, and a great tool. "

Software user: "Very nice job. Your program passes the Zippo test (works first time out of the box, doesn't need an instruction manual, and never fails to light). As a programmer, I realise that we are nothing more than tool-makers. But crafting fine tools takes considerable experiance, knowledge, and hard work. You've made a tool to be proud of."

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