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Collectibles Organizer Deluxe

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Comment about Collecting Software: "Good program. I have had to adjust it to accomodate my autograph collection, but it appears to be working properly. "

Comment about Collecting Software: " I have been using Collectibles Deluxe for about 8 months now as an inventory database for an antique dealer. I have been amazed at how easy the program is to use. The power and flexibility are amazing as the program includes the ability to produce customized reports, labels, variety of fields, drop down menus etc. Especially important is how easy is was to train someone to use the program."

Comment about Collecting Software: " The Collectibles organizer is the best I have seen anywhere. This one is a must have, must register, must pay for!"

Comment about Collecting Software: " I have a collection of about 40,000 matchcovers, medium size by collector standards but way too much to keep track of without a system. I want to trade or sell about half of the collection and focus on fewer categories. Organizer Deluxe was outstanding for that purpose. I used Designer to create a database that met my needs. Data entry is easy and positive, including the automatic save. And there is so much repetition that a template or just copy and paste save time. So far very satisfactory. "

Comment about Collecting Software: "Have been looking for a good Inventory program to inventory our valuables and can include JPG pictures. This looks exactly what we were looking for. "

Comment about Collecting Software: " Thank you so much! I have to tell you this is the first Shareware program I've ever tried that I liked enough to register. First I liked the program, and now the support !"

Comment about Collecting Software: " I've been using the program for a month and find it excellent for my collection. I'm very impressed."

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