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    Database software template: Address Organizer, Home (Personal)

    Address Organizer (personal) software solution overview:
    Use this software template to track and organize all your private or business contacts. You can enter the following information: first name, last name, company, address, phone home, phone mobile, phone work, fax, email address, web address, picture, important dates, notes, birthday information, and more.

    Address, Contact (personal) software solution features:
  • customize the template to meet your needs
  • print reports, phone lists
  • organize contacts in groups (example: family, business, friends)
  • print address labels
  • send emails
  • print letters
  • track contact history
  • sort, view address / contact data the way you like

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    Two easy ways to try the software template:
    1. (Registered users) If you have already purchased Organizer Deluxe and installed it on your computer you can download the template: Address Organizer, Home (Personal)(4KB). Read Instructions how to import the template to your Organizer Deluxe.

    2. (Unregistered users) Address Organizer, Home (Personal) solution and other database solutions are included in the Home Organizer Deluxe software package. Read more or buy Home Organizer Deluxe (30 day money back guarantee)

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    Comments about software and templates:

    " Most full-featured software organizer, for home users, that I ever seen. Thank you"
    " I've spent many hours looking for a good address software. I installed about 20 of them before I came across yours. Yours is the best one I've seen. It's easy to use and flexible. I don't buy a lot of software, but I'm about to. A very good piece of work. "
    " I would like to mention that your software oganizer is the best of which I have seen on the market. The user friendliness, and workable fields makes it worth it's price, and a great tool."


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    PrimaSoft PC
    Works with:
    Organizer Deluxe Software

    Organizer Deluxe Software
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