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    Database software template: Hardware, Knowledge Base

    Hardware Knowledge Base Manager (basic database), software solution overview:
    Flexible faq, problem, and task management software solution for Windows users. Manage and organize knowledge base. Track topics including: problem/question title, keywords, problem summary, and solution.

    KB management software solution features:
  • Easily maintain information about all your hardware problems in very easy form.
  • Create question/answer reports, manuals, solution catalogs.
  • Easily modify database solution or create a new one.

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    Two easy ways to try the software template:
    1. (Registered users) If you have already purchased Organizer Deluxe and installed it on your computer you can download the template: Hardware, Knowledge Base(4KB). Read Instructions how to import the template to your Organizer Deluxe.

    2. (Unregistered users) Hardware, Knowledge Base solution and other database solutions are included in the Hardware Organizer Deluxe software package. Read more or buy Hardware Organizer Deluxe (30 day money back guarantee)

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