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realtor, listing database, software solution: free realtor listing software solution for organizer deluxe users.

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Database software template: Realtor Organizer - Listings Organizer, template 2

Realtor Organizer - Listings Organizer software solution overview:
Complete template that allows real estate agents to organize and manage property listings. Manage realestate listing information in a detailed form, including listing number, status, type, lot area, finished area, bedrooms number, bathrooms, year, city, notes, space tables, ..., and more.

software solution features:
  • customize the template to meet your needs
  • sort and search the listing database on any field
  • access and view your data in virtually any way.

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    Two easy ways to try the software template:
    1. (Registered users) If you have already purchased Organizer Deluxe and installed it on your computer you can download the template: Realtor Organizer - Listings Organizer, template 2(4KB). Read Instructions how to import the template to your Organizer Deluxe.

    2. (Unregistered users) Realtor Organizer - Listings Organizer, template 2 solution and other database solutions are included in the Realtor Organizer Deluxe software package. Read more or buy Realtor Organizer Deluxe (30 day money back guarantee)

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    Comments about software and templates:

    "PrimaSoft Organizer Deluxe is a complete database system.... Features include import/export capabilities, flexible filters, printing and reporting functions, backup/restore, a built-in HTML viewer, email support, and export to HTML with a wizard interface...... Last but not least, a separate database designer program called Designer Deluxe greatly increases the versatility of the program. It enables you to customize the database structure to the point that you can use it for many different, unrelated applications. In short, PrimaSoft Organizer Deluxe is easy to use and highly versatile. Excellent online help is included."


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    PrimaSoft PC
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    Organizer Deluxe Software

    Organizer Deluxe Software
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