Software Template Page:Camp Organizer - Campers

camp manager, campers, general information
camper general info

camp manager, campers, address information
camper address data

camp manger, campers, detail information
camper details

camp manger, campers, medical information
camper medical

camp manger, campers, parents information
camper family

Camp Organizer - Campers

Campers Organizer, software solution overview:
Complete database template that allows you to maintain and organize camp participants. This template contains the following data fields: camper name, gender, camper id, camp title, camp group, status, birthday, age, school, grade, address information, contact information, camper details, parents, medical information, picture, #, user fields, #

Campers, software solution features:
  • easily and quickly retrieve detailed information about camp participants
  • group campers by skills, hobby, or area of interest, ...
  • quickly print reports, create participant lists
  • user-defined fields for maintaining any additional information