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Encryption Scheduler

The Encryption Scheduler window will help you schedule automated encryptions and decryptions of previously saved encryption templates and check the status of previously scheduled automated encryptions and decryptions.

encryption scheduler

To schedule new auto encryption

To define a new auto-encryption/auto-decryption item click New. It will display the Schedule Item dialog box. Select the encryption template, define date, and time of the encryption, and press OK push button. The new scheduled auto-encryption item will be listed in the Scheduler window. In order to delete a scheduled item just select this item and press Delete button. If you want to change some values (time or date) of the scheduled item just select this item and press Edit button.

Check the status of scheduled auto encryption/decryption sessions

The following icons can be listed in front of each scheduled item in the Scheduled Encryption Sessions list box:

encryption active- icon indicates that the item is active. The encryption/decryption session will be activated at scheduled date and time.

encryyption pause, resume- icon indicates that the item is not active. Right mouse click on the Item displays the popup menu with Pause/Resume option.

encryption success- icon indicates that the auto-encryption was successful.

encryption failed- icon indicates that the auto-encryption failed. Scheduled encryption or decryption was aborted due to errors (no key, invalid file)



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