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This topic explains:

  • gives access to ready-to-use custom views
  • includes short explanation about the view

Custom Views, ready-to-use.

Review the list.

Copy the definition from the text box.

Paste the definition into the Custom View Definition box.

Click Display to test the custom view.

Click Save View to save for future use.

Items Never Loaned Out

Items never loaned out: this view displays the list of items from your equipment-tool inventory that were never loaned out.

Number of items with total cost by TYPE

Number of items with total cost by TYPE.

equipment inventory: cost and number of items by type

Review query result.

Number of items with total cost by TYPE (only items that cost less than 100)

This is the same query as above, but is using additional condition: use only items that cost less than 100.

Handy Equipment Management with Check In/Out:

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