Help, how to topics > Equipment/Tool, Add Data > How to enter duplicate item (multiple instances of the same equipment/tool)?

  1. Click Add in the Items (Copies) section.

Add duplicate item
  • Enter number of copies that you want to enter (1).
  • Values of some data fields are prefilled (2) from the tool/equipment that is already in the inventory database (LOCATION, CONDITION, STATUS). Enter or modify a new tool/equipment copy related data (BARCODE, SERIAL, COST, ...).
  • Click Save/Close (3) or Save/Next to add a new copy of the item.

  • Duplicate item is listed in the items (copies) section. In this case there are 2 identical Husky 2.0 HP 30 Compressors. Each one has a unique barcode number (L001115, L001116).

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