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  • Click the Add Item To (1) tab.
  • Scan or enter item barcode number into the Item Barcode (2) box.

  • Item is found, the name of the item is displayed (1).
  • Click Add Item to Kit (2) to add it.

  • The item is listed in the Kit (1) section.

Add Items using lookup:

  • Use the Lookup Search (1).
  • Enter part of the item's name into the Text to Find (2) box.
  • Click Search (3).
  • Review search result. Select the item that you are looking for and double click on it or click Select (4).

  • The selected item is displayed in the Item Selected (1) section (Item Name, Item Barcode).
  • Click Add Item to Kit (2) to add.
  • Review items in the kit.

Handy Equipment Management with Check In/Out:

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