Species No Category Common_Name Species Name Length (cm) Length_In Notes Graphic
90,030.00 Snapper Red Emperor Lutjanus sebae 60.00 23.62 Called seaperch in Australia. Inhabits the areas around lagoon coral reefs and sandy bottoms.
The red emperor is a valuable food fish and considered a great sporting fish that fights with fury when hooked. The flesh of an old fish is just as tender to eat as that of the very young.
Range is from the Indo-Pacific to East Africa.
90,190.00 Snapper Yellowtail Snapper Ocyurus chrysurus 75.00 29.53 Prefers to congregate in loose groups in the open water above reef areas. Has well-developed teeth and usually feeds at night on small fishes, crustaceans, and plankton.
The yellowtail snapper repeatedly snaps its jaws after it has been caught. Divers have been injured by these fish.
This is an excellent game fish with tenacious fighting ability and tasty flesh.
Range is Bermuda, New England to Brazil, and the Gulf of Mexico.
90,230.00 Snapper Dog Snapper Lutjanus jocu 90.00 35.43 This fish is named for its elongated canine teeth at the front of the upper jaw. It is solitary and wary and stays in the deep reef or submerged wreck areas. Not very common anywhere.
Edibility is good if the fish is small. However, a large dog snapper may contain a fatal toxin. These fish repeatedly snap their jaws shut after removal from a hook or net.
Range is New England to Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico.

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