Species No Category Common_Name Species Name Length (cm) Length_In Notes Graphic
90,210.00 Barracuda Great Barracuda Sphyraena barracuda 150.00 59.06 Young barracuda live in inshore seagrass beds, while adults range from inshore channels to the open ocean. The barracuda feeds on a wide variety of fishes.
It frequently drifts just below the surface and is known to approach divers at very close range. The long underslung jaw with its very sharp teeth can be disconcerting. Attacks on humans have reportedly been in cloudy water when the victim is wearing bright diving gear or attempting to spear the fish.
Edibility is good for small specimens, but large barracuda can carry a fatal toxin. There is no visible way to tell if the fish is harmful to eat.
Range is worldwide.

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