Species No Category Common_Name Species Name Length (cm) Length_In Notes Graphic
90,080.00 Cod Lunartail Rockcod Variola louti 80.00 31.50 Also known as the coronation trout. It is found around coral reefs from shallow to very deep waters. Feeds primarily on small fishes.
Although this rockcod is considered a good game and food fish, the large ones may contain a toxin and should not be eaten. There is no way to discern whether the fish contains toxin.
Range is the Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea.
90,140.00 Cod Lingcod Ophiodon elongatus 150.00 59.06 Widely found from near the shore to very deep waters. Young fish stay on sand or mud bottoms of bays and inshore areas. The lingcod is a voracious predator, eating many different fishes and octopuses.
This fish changes color when stressed. The flesh color also changes, from a greenish hue when caught to white when cooked.
Edibility is good; Lingcod is a popular sport and commercial fish.
Range is Alaska to Northern Baja California.

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