Species No Category Common_Name Species Name Length (cm) Length_In Notes Graphic
90,280.00 Croaker White Sea Bass Atractoscion nobilis 150.00 59.06 Schools are found over rocky bottoms and around kelp forest canopies. Not a true bass, this is the largest of the croakers on the Pacific Coast. It feeds in mid-water on squid, anchovies, and sardines.
Croakers make a remarkable "boop-boop-boop" sound, and submarine commanders discovered they could hide the sound of their engines behind the racket.
The large calcareous "earstones" in this fish's inner ear canals were considered good luck charms by early Europeans and were used by American Indians in jewelry.
Excellent edibility if you can find one. White sea bass were heavily fished in the 1950s but are now rarely caught.
Range is from Alaska to Southern Baja.

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