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Question/Topic: How to add image fields to museum inventory database?

  • Start Designer.
  • Click Modify Database.

  • Load Items database.
  • Click New Field.

  • New Database Field:
  • Field Name: Enter field name "IMG3"
  • Field Type: Select Character
  • Field Size: Enter 120 (the maximum length of the field)

  • Modify Database window with Items database.
  • 4 new character data fields are added: IMG3, IMG4, IMG5, IMG6
  • Image Data Entry Control is going to be defined later.
  • Click Save to save changes.

  • In the Designer click Create/Modify Database Fields Layout.
  • Select Items database.
  • Field Layout Designer window is opened.
  • If you make any unintentional change click Cancel and open this window again.
  • Database Fields box: use scroll bar to display data fields.
  • Add Page: click Add Page to add a new page.

  • New page is added.
  • Page Name: enter a new page name.

  • Click on the IMG3 data field.
  • It opens Data Entry Control window.
  • Select External Graphic Field. Click OK.

  • New IMG3 data field is inserted.

  • Continue the above steps with IMG4, IMG5, and IMG6 data fields.
  • 4 new database fields, with image data entry control type are added.

  • You can click Save to save all changes.
  • If you want to display fields in two columns click 2 columns and then click Save.

  • Close Designer.
  • Start Organizer Pro.
  • Load Museum inventory database.

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