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Question/Topic: Adding artwork inventory items.

1. Open Artworks database:

  • On the File menu, click Load Database. Select Artworks database and click Load
  • Click New Record button, enter Title (required), enter or select Year, Month, ... , enter additional artwork information.

2. Track artwork prices (direct sale price, dealer price, retail price, price sold):

  • Click details tab to display or enter details data.

artwork; track prices, ...:  enter details: artwork prices, framing information, edition, and more:


3. Artist Inventory, track expenses and costs:

  • Click Expenses tab to display or enter expenses and costs.

enter expenses and costs: framing cost, material cost, design cost, ...

3. Select artwork items to put on exhibitions, shows, displays, ... :

  • Click Exhibitions tab to display or select the item.

exhibition tab; display or select item for a show/exhibition

4. Artist Inventory Software, sale information:

  • Click Sale tab to display sale information (who, when, for how much, ...)

 sale page; display sale details

5. Artist database, picture:

  • Click Image to display or add artwork image

image page; display or add image

6. Artist inventory database, view page:

  • Click View tab to display the selected record on the View page (browser/html display form)
  • Advanced user can modify the display format

view page; displays the selected record on one page, in the form of web page (html document)

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Related software (Read/Download) :
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