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Question/Topic: How to check barcode numbers (on the label, in the library database)?

  • Open Windows Notepad application.
  • Scan the barcode from the book barcode label.
  • Check the position of the cursor. The mouse cursor should blink at the end of the number.
Scan a barcode label , the number is displayed in the Notepad application:
  • Open Small Library software.
  • Find the book in the library database.
  • Click on the Details tab.
  • Check the content of the BARCODE data field (000191).
  • The number displayed in the Barcode data field (000191) should be the same as the number displayed in the Notepad (000191).
Find the book in the library database, click on the Details tab, verify the content of the BARCODE data field:

  • Check the Bar Code Options in the Check In/Out window.
  • Open Check In/Out window.
  • Check if the Item Barcode field is the same as the field where you entered barcode numbers.
Open Check IN/OUT, check the selection in the Item Barcode Field box:


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The problem that I need resolved first concerns the barcodes for patrons and materials. I have created barcodes but they are not being read by the barcode reader. (Barcodes on the books work fine when importing records from Library of Congress.) Do you have any instructions on how the barcode reader should be configured for use with your program? Also is there a way to automatically generate consecutive barcodes?

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