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Question/Topic: Small Car Dealership Manager Pro, how to start?

How to start using Car Dealer Organizer Pro for Windows?

1. Enter car inventory data into Car Inventory database.
2. Enter clients/prospects data into ClientsProspects database.
3. Enter sales people data into SalesPersonnel database.
4. Enter car sales data into Sales database.
5. Enter car requests data into CarRequests database.

  • Press the New button on the Standard section of the Speed Bar, or select File/New Record from the application menu. A new record will be prepared for data entry, you will be positioned in the Details Page.
  • Simply enter your data in the fields on the Details Page.
  • The new record is saved automatically when you select another record , click on the New button, or Exit from the program.
  • There are required data fields: UniqueCarName (Car Inventory database), Client UniqueName (ClientsProspects database), Salesman Unique Name (Sales Personnel database).
  • Names of data fields explain what type of information you can enter.

Load Car Inventory database and enter your cars data

small car dealership, enter cars

Load Car Inventory database and enter car costs data

car cost, car repairs, car expenses

Load Clients/Prospects database and enter clients/prospects data

car dealership clients database

Clients/Prospects database, enter contact activities

client prospect activity log

Salesman database, enter personnel data

car salesman database

Sales database, enter car sale data

small car dealership, car sales database

Car Requests database, enter client choices data

car choices database

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