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Question/Topic: Age data field, how to calculate age?

How to calculate age?

In this explanation we use library inventory database. All Organizer Pro and Organizer Deluxe database solutions support the same data exporting features.

  • Start Designer.
  • Click Create/Modify Data Fields Layout.
  • Select database with Birthday and Age data fields (Note: Birthday is a date type and Age is a numeric type).
  • Double click on the Age field.

  • Click Calculated in the Numeric Field window.

  • Enter formula in the Field Formula box .
  • $DATE-@8/365.24
  • ($DATE is a global variable equal to today's day, @8 represents BIRTHDAY data field. 365.24 is the average number of days per year (leap years have 366, non-leap years have 365).
  • Example:
    if today is: November, 06, 2013
    birthday value is: June, 09, 1961
    then: 06/November/2013 - 09/June/1961 = 19 143 days
    19143/365.24 = 52.41 years.
calculate age, age data field

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I need to keep track of the members' ages in my database. I created a calculated field that subtracts their birth date from today's date. I can not get Today's date to update - it stays static. Is is possible to have the system date inserted in the field whenever the database is opened?

I have recently been trying to construct a database using your deluxe organizer pro software. I however have been hung up on the formula for calculating the age when given the birthday. I was wondering if you may be able to tell me the formula for calculating age if a birthday has been entered. I know that your system has indicated in the help menu that it starts at the year 1900, I was also curious to know that if a persons age has been calculated correctly if the software will continue to update the persons age or will it remain the same? If I put in that they were born in January 1993 and they are now 20, when it becomes January of 2014 will the age change to 21? Let me know as soon as possible so that I may move forward with constructing my database.

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