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Question/Topic: Drop-Down List Field

Drop-Down List Field
Drop-Down List is a data entry control that combines an edit box with a list, much like that of a list box. You can either type text in the edit box or select an item from the list. The lists in the Drop-Down List can be edited in Maintenance/Edit Lists function or from the Popup Menu.

How to use
This type is useful for storing reusable type of information like: categories, attributes, types.

Functions (Popup Menu):

  • Cut: deletes the selected text and copies it to the Clipboard;
  • Copy: copies the selected text to the Clipboard;
  • Paste: pastes text from the Clipboard;
  • Clear: clears the content;
  • ---------------------------
  • Select All: selects entire text;
  • ---------------------------
  • Font: allows you to select the font for all single-line edit controls;
  • Color: allows you to select the text and background color for all single-line edit controls except numeric fields;
  • ---------------------------
  • Edit List: allows changing, deleting, and adding new list elements.
  • Auto-Fill: if checked, can speed up data entry by automatically picking up list elements based on the first typed-in characters.
  • Keyword Mode: if checked selected keywords are added to the content of the field. Pressing on the "drop-down" button of the edit box opens the Keyword List dialog box.
  • Locked: When Locked is set the text cannot be changed and it is hidden (* characters are displayed).
  • Set Lock Password: When you set a Password you cannot Lock/Unlock the edit control unless you enter the correct password;
  • ---------------------------
  • Spell Check: starts Spell Checker;
  • Thesaurus: starts Thesaurus;
  • Edit in MS Word: starts MS Word with the contents of the field;

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