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Question/Topic: Simple Numeric Field

Simple Numeric Field
Numeric Fields store numbers. Numeric Fields are variations of edit boxes, and accept numerical data only. Use numerical keys on the keyboard to manually enter data into the numeric field. Pressing on the '...' button of the numeric field displays a small keypad. Use keypad buttons to enter value in the field. Press the Checkmark button to accept the entry, the Cancel button aborts the data entry and closes the keypad.

How to use
This type is useful for storing numbers.

Functions (Popup Menu):

  • Currency: if set this option causes a Windows Currency Character to be displayed in front of the number;
  • Font : allows you to select the font for all Numeric Fields;
  • Color : allows you to select the text and background color for all Numeric Fields;
  • Locked : When Locked is set the number cannot be changed.
  • Set Lock Password : When you set a Password you cannot Lock/Unlock the edit control unless you enter the correct password;

Data Page from Inventory Organizer Deluxe.

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