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How to set up Organizers to accept International (non-English) characters?

This information is for the International users only. If you want to be able to type in your native language (non-English) characters e.g. French, German, etc. and have those characters saved properly in your Organizer database you have to modify your Borland Database Engine (BDE) configuration. Try to locate Bde Admin program in your Control Panel. If it is not there, try to search your hard drive for Bdeadmin.exe or Bdecfg32.exe file. Then, start Bdeadmin.exe or Bdecfg32.exe and select your language Driver for Dbase. If you cannot locate Bdeadmin.exe or Bdecfg.exe file you have to install the 32-bit version of BDE (read more: What is Borland Database Engine and how do I set it up?).

For example, to use a Chinese language driver:

  1. Start Bdeadmin.exe in c:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\Bde and click on Configuration/Drivers/Native/DBase.
  2. Select 'dBase CHT CP950' LANGDRIVER.
  3. Close Bdeadmin and save the changes.
  4. Start your Organizer Deluxe and run Repair Data File in Advanced/Maintenance.

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