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Question/Topic: How to check if I have multiple copies of Organizer Deluxe or Pro installed?

Step 1

  • Click Start to open Windows Start menu. Windows Start menu could be displayed in a different form. It depends on your computer setup. You can easily find similar commands.
  • Click Search/For Files or Folders....

Image step 1:

deluxe, find main folder 1

Step 2

  • In the Search Results window click All files and folders (B).

Image step 2:

deluxe, find main folder 2

Step 3

  • Enter deluxe.exe (C) into All or part of the file name box. Click Search. (to check Organizer PRO enter: orgpro.exe)

Image step 3:

deluxe, find main folder 3

Step 4

  • Review your search results (D).
  • Folder name and path are displayed in (E) section.
  • If results are displayed in a different form click with a right mouse button on the search results section and click View/Details (F). It will change a display format.

Image step 4:

deluxe, find main folder 4

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