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Question/Topic: How to export database (selected data fields) to text file?

How to export data to Excel spreadsheet?

How to export data to Outlook?

How to move selected data to text file?

In this explanation we use library inventory database. All Organizer Pro and Organizer Deluxe database solutions support the same data exporting features.

  • Start Organizer Pro or Organizer Deluxe.
  • On the Advanced menu click Export.
  • In the Export Target window select Text File and click OK.
database exporting, organizer pro and organizer deluxe

  • Select Tabs in the Fields Separated By section.
  • Select Nothing in the Fields Delimited By section.
  • Select data fields that will be exported (Fields Included box).
  • Click Do Export.
  • Data will be exported to a text file. By default the file is saved in Organizer's ExpImp folder.
  • Open Windows Explorer, click on the file name to open it in Notepad.
database exporting, export options

  • Text file (library_list.txt) is opened in Notepad.
  • TAB is invisible data separator.
  • There are field names in the first row.

  • Text file (library_list_$.txt) is opened in Notepad.
  • $ is used as data separator character.
  • There are field names in the first row.

  • Open text file in Excel.
  • In the open window select Text Files, only text files in the selected folder are listed.
  • Select your text file and click Open.

  • Select Tab in the Text Import Wizard.
  • Click Finish.

  • Text file (library_list.txt) is opened in Excel.
  • You can save a file as Excel spreadsheet file.

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