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Question/Topic: How to track old, lost, or not used books?

How to mark and display old, not used, or lost items?

  • You can use Category data field.
  • Enter text to mark old items (for example: NOTUSED).
library old items use category field  

  • Small Library main inventory table includes many "user" data fields. You can use one of them according to your preferences.
  • Enter text that will allow you to define a filter.

  • How to display library items that are not used or lost.
  • Define filter.

  • In the set Filter windows select CATEGORY data field.

  • Enter NOTUSED or the text that you are using to mark your items.
  • Click OK

  • Filter is processed.
  • Only records with CATEGORY value equal "NOTUSED" are displayed.

  • Click with the right mouse button on the small Filter button.
  • Select All Records to display all records in your library main table.

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