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Question/Topic: How to create a new table to track lost or old library items?

How to create a new table to track lost or old library items?

  • On the File menu, click Load Database.
  • To create a new table click New.

  • Enter name for the new table (OldBooks).
  • Enter description for the new table.
  • Click OK.

  • In the Create New Table From box select WorkingItems
  • Do NOT select Library table!
    Library table has a specialized LOAN data field that can't be used in other tables.
  • WorkingItems table has the same structure as Library table but instead of the specialized LOAN field it uses regular text field. The format of this table can be used in other tables.

  • New table is listed in the Available Databases box (OldBooks).

  • You can move lost, not used, or old items from main Library table to OldBooks table.
  • Find old, lost, or not used item.

  • Verify the loan status of the item.
  • Make sure that the item is not checked out.

  • On the Advanced menu, click Move Record to Another DB.
move records commands  

  • Move Records.
  • Select OldBooks in the Select Target Database.
select target table 

  • Move Record action:
    - it moves selected record to a new table
    - it deletes record from the source table
  • In the Confirm Action window enter YES and click OK.
delete from source table  

  • Load OldBooks table.
  • Review old, lost, or not used items.
load old, lost, not used library items table  

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