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Question/Topic: How to combine library databases from several computers into one?

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Does Library Pro support input from several computers?

We have Windows 95, 98, XP, and Vista laptops. We'd like to organize the church-school library by dividing the input among 4 people and then combine the work into 1 library database. Is this possible, if so, how? (Our software is licensed for up to 5 computers)?

1. You can install our Library software on the network computer(server). Users of your network may access the Library database and add new or modify old records.

2. You can install Library Organizer Pro on each computer (not connected through the network). Users can enter data on each computer. To combine all databases into one do the following:

  • On each computer start Library Pro software.
  • On the Advanced menu, click Export, select DBF File, click OK.
  • Enter name into File Name box. e.g.: books_computer1.dbf (extension is important has to be dbf)
  • Exported files are stored in the following folder: C:\your_library\data\ExpImp\
  • Move exported files (2 files: books_computer1.dbf, books_computer1.dbt) from your computer_1 to your main computer, to the same folder: C:\your_main_library\data\ExpImp\ (if this folder does not exist run export procedure just to create the folder)
  • On the main computer start Library Pro, on the Advance menu, click Import, select books_computer1.dbf, click OK.
  • Repeat procedure for other computers.

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