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Question/Topic: How to enter similar items?

  • Create a temporary record with values that will remain constant (author, item type, category, level, format,..).
  • Click the Save Record button to save the record.

  • With the right mouse button click on the Blank button to display popup menu.
  • Click Save Record To Template.

  • Enter the template name.
  • Click OK.

  • You can delete the temporary record that you used to create the template.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the record to display popup menu.
  • Select Delete Record command.

  • Click on the New Record (1) button.
  • On the gray area click with the right mouse button to display popup menu (2).
  • Click Replace Record with Template and the select the template (3).

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We have subcategorized our library and I was wondering if I can set a label (category, location, or something) that will remain constant until I change it. That way, when I am entering all of the books that are in our category "princess", they will all be labelled as such somehow in the program. As opposed to manually typing in the category each time.

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