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Question/Topic: How to get a report on loaned out (not returned) item?

You can view, or print report on loaned out (not returned) items in two ways:

1. Print report in the Manage Loans window:

  • Open Manage Loans window:
    - popup menu command for the Loan data field (1)
    - main menu command, or task bar command (2).
  • In the Show section select All, Outstanding, or Overdue (3).
  • The table will display items accordingly.
  • To print a report click Print. Additional commands supported: send email overdue notices, print overdue notices.

(1)Library Software, open Manage Loans window from popup command:
library software, manage loans

(2)Library Software, open Manage Loans window from task bar or main menu:
library software, open manage loans window

(3)Library Software, Manage Loans window (Show section: Overdue items selected):
manage loans window, display overdue items only

2. Print report from the Loans database:

  • Use Sort (easily view loaned out items).
  • On the File menu, click Load Database.
  • In the Available Databases box click (select) Loans.
  • Click Load.
  • Loans database: all check in and check out transactions are automatically created in this database.
  • Select sort by ReturnDate (A).
  • Not Returned books (library items) are listed at the beginning of the Loans database (ReturnDate field has no date value) (B).

library software, loans database, sort loan transaction

  • Use Filter (easily view or print reports for not returned library items).
  • Define filter in the Loans database.
  • In the Filter window select ReturnDate.
  • In the define Filter window select is EMPTY (means item is not returned).
  • In this case all items that are loaned out will be displayed (overdue and outstanding).
  • Use application Print feature to define and print reports.

select ReturnDate in the Filter window:

define isEMPTY for the ReturnDate:

only loan transactions with the empty ReturnDate are displayed:
library, display loan transactions for not returned items

to return to all loan transactions: click with the right mouse button on the Filter button and select All Records:

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